About Our Family

Hull Family

Raymond Haywood (Woody) Hull began his career helping the hard of hearing community on his 22nd birthday, March 8, 1938. He worked in the Army Hearing Center at Bordon General Hospital in Chickasha, Oklahoma to help the GI’s returning home from World War II with hearing problems. He came to Richmond in 1952, then to Washington DC and then to our current location in Falls Church in 1969. Joseph “Jed” Donohoe married Woody Hull’s youngest daughter, Helen, in 1979, the same year he began working at Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. Jed received invaluable training from Woody Hull until he retired 7 years later. Jed has had a permanent state license in Virginia and is still available in our office. Jed’s daughter is the very popular Marie who will normally be the first one you see coming into our office. She manages our office. Jed and Helen’s son Brent has a permanent state license in Virginia and is certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS). Brent seems to have a knack for the more technical aspects of hearing instruments as well as Bluetooth and Assistive Devices.

Since 1938, Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. has dedicated itself to enhancing peoples lives through better hearing because we believe that better hearing is better living. Need advice on choosing and using products? This is your best source. Are you a real stickler for prompt service? Hull Hearing Aid Service was rated #1 for overall quality, reliability and price.

Rated #1 in Northern Virginia 

An independent evalutation was done by a leading Washington Area consumer magazine. The magazine evaluated a number of hearing aid companies in the Washington DC area and gave four of them their highest rating. Three Are in Maryland and only one in Virginia – Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc.

We were named #1 in the following areas:

  • Advice on choice and use of products 
  • Promptness of service 
  • Quality of products 
  • Variety of products 
  • Reliability 
  • Overall Quality 
  • Number of complaints (0) 
  • Trial period/Cost of return 
  • Free adjustment period 

No other hearing aid company in Northern Virginia can claim what Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. can claim. We are #1 and we can prove it. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.