In-House Repair

In house manufacturing and repair was born at Hull Hearing Aid Service from opening up hearing instruments that were not working well and noticing that 70% of the manufacturers were using the same microphones and receivers, switches and volume controls. By adding our own, in office earmold laboratory we were able to take some control and responsibility over the weakest areas of In-The-Ear hearing aids: The fit, modification and repair of Custom Instruments. This experimenting was happening in 1985-1986 and by 1987 Mr. Donohoe received extensive training at different manufacturing facilities around the US in all facets of the manufacturing process. Purchasing the equipment and setting up in office manufacturing brought about our earliest hearing instruments and we got so busy that we quickly had to train electronics technicians to build not only the electronics but the earmold process and the mating of the two. It was the first time the hearing aid professional could personally evaluate each client during a hearing test, look at hand dexterity and ear canal shape and size and customize an instrument that was particular to them.

Although we do not manufacture hearing instruments any more with the introduction of the digital era, our extensive laboratory still in constant motion repairing and modifying hearings as needed. We currently can repair about 92% of all hearing aids in our lab, most within 24 hours. This saves on valuable time and cost to the patient.

We are truly the best place to get custom hearing instruments. As times have changed we have stepped into the 21st Century with our state of the art computer systems, wireless programming and our refusal to only carry one manufacturer. By handling multiple manufacturers we can just look at the audiogram (hearing test) and particular needs of our client and choose a manufacturer that have just the right combination of strong points to really satisfy a particular person.